Should I let him know my feeling towards him?

I I get to know a Japanese guy via online dating site. Both of us is in our 30s. I am 32 while he is 36 years old. We know each other for 4 months and went out 5 times altogether having meals, went to the cinema, café, bookstore. I seems to get along with him, as we have lot of similarities like prefer to be at quiet places, love reading, dogs and acrophobia. From the way he act, he is a gentleman which is very polite like the typical Japanese & replied my messages immediately. He even remember the small little things, which I told him and asked me the progress during our next meetup. He bought me some gift when he were back in Japan last month. He even asked whether I am allergic to certain foods or whatsoever prior he bought it. His uncle asked him to consider going back to Japan to take over his firm as he is a childless widower. I was sad when I heard that but I remain cool. He told me last few days that he had made up his mind to go back to Japan next Jan. Both of our intention of joining online dating site is to look for new friends preferably life partner. As he told me, he is scared of being single as all his cousins younger than him are married some even with kids. I feel sad as he is leaving soon because I start to fall for him. I keep on reminding myself maybe that is typical Japanese characteristic as they are polite to all people whomever they meet. As I am still far from understanding him as a person inside out. Should I let him know I like him or vice versa? 

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  • Z
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    4 weeks ago

    My opinion is that you should let him know how you feel. There is nothing in Japanese culture that forbids you from doing so. Uust because the Japanese are not very emotionally expressive, doesn't mean that they don't understand or appreciate feelings. And it doesn't matter how things turn out, at least he will know how you truly feel about him. And who knows, maybe one day he will realise that you're 'the one that got away' and come back to you.

  • 4 weeks ago

    let him know how you feel about him

  • Quick question— are you white?

    You should tell him straight out how you feel, don’t hide it. Life’s too short for holding things back if you falling for him say it. Maybe he will rethink about going back to Japan.

  • 4 weeks ago

    No no nonononononononononono

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