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Now we know that Christians suffer from Pseudologia Fantastica what can be done to help them?

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    They live in a fantasy world which is not healthy. No sensible grown-up believes in nonsense like walking corpses and men living in fish. If they want to claim to believe such tripe and be laughing stacks then that is up to them but when they try to force normal people to believe it as well, well, that is when they become dangerous and have to be stopped.

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    Blow up Doll - Especially for priest

  • 4 weeks ago

    If you want to help Christians be nice to them.

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    → For remove the conditioning or eventually the brainwashing, Psychoanalysis is necessary.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    There are only thirty cases recorded in the literature according to NCBI although I accept that that sounds like a serious underestimate. In general, it would be more of a problem to other people than themselves, although I suppose it might lead to social isolation due to people not trusting them. I don't think it applies to most Christians because of the Christians I know, most of them seem highly honest and trustworthy, though not all by any means. The same would apply to non-Christians. So when you say "now we *know* ", what do you mean? Are you suggesting that what we say about the power of prayer is factitious, or that we don't genuinely believe Christ rose from the dead?

    That said, I'm sure there are pathological liars among Christians, who are, I hope, helped by their faith to overcome their sin.

  • 4 weeks ago

    There is no cure. Let them implode.

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