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Why Scorpio girls avoid me?

I am a gemini and I like scorpios (my boyfriend, mom, dad and brother are, I the only gemini). But some scorpio girls my age are cowards (I'm 24). They try to do stuff to me behind my back and when I confront them (nicely, I'm always nice as long as they cooperate), they froze and avoid me and cry and say that I'm a mean girl and that I destroyed them. Wtf, why? I feel like I can't reason with them. I avoid talking about zodiac signs but this is a pattern I've only seen with scorpio girls. Any thoughts?


The last person who answered as Anonymous ahahaha I'm sure you feel amazing about yourself right now hahaha do you boo, I'm sorry I hurt your ego so much. I still think most Scorpios are cowards and not interesting or deep at all. If anything, I see them as inferior and unable to control their emotions. I still love my bf and family though, my problem is people like you and the girls I mentioned. Btw "Normie" was the cringiest thing you could've said lmao what a cutie, please drink some milk

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    3 weeks ago

    Your an intellectual sign. Try deep conversation with them act like your life is meaningful act mysterious or spiritual or dark in some way.

    Scorpio loves that.

    You are probably coming across as superficial Conformist or dumb to them in some way to be honest try not to they will ignore or avoid you or if they feel they have to hang out with you act mean like you said cause inside they feel and know on an instinctual level they are far supperior to you and who would want to waste time dealing with a "peasant" as I like to call them or normie.

    Scorpio sees it as a "waste of time" so they won't even bother with you. They love deep intelligent people.

    I don't like wasting time with Normies either

    Source(s): Sun Conjunct Pluto in Scorpio
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    3 weeks ago

    Those aren't Scorpio traits....sounds like Pisces or Cancer

  • 3 weeks ago

    It just sounds like a misunderstanding, perhaps speak with her xxx

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