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Abnormal looking blood clot during period?

Hi, I know this is a bit yucky but oh well. Im 18 and i know blood clots in a period are normal. I get them in a normal amount usually but this period I’ve been getting them much more frequently, and it’s only day 2. Not only that, but instead of just a regular jelly-like blood clot, there has also a firm clump too, one that appears different than a regular blood clot, twice as far as I’ve noticed. I’ve never seen this in my period before and when I google this nothing else besides normal blood clots comes up, but I don’t think this is normal as I’ve never seen it. Everything else has been normal, but my period was 11 days late last month, I believe due to high stress. This month my period was exactly a month from last month. Does anyone have any idea what this could be although I didn’t provide that well of a description? Thank you.. 

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    Blood clots are formed when blood starts too pool and is sitting still for too long. If you notice the clot(s) are much bigger than your regular clots, then you should go to a reproductive (or sexual health) clinic so they can further assess you.

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