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I’m dating a guy now and I still think of another guy I dated but said no to me who is now married. ?

I’m not sure why I’m doing this and I also think the guy I’m dating now is way better for me than the other guy. Why am I doing this? How do I stop? 

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    Not everything can be explained. In fact, a lot of things are either yet to be discovered or unexplainable. But you can still be given advice. Just forget about both of them. If youre committed to someone and thinking about someone else then youre not in the right headspace to dedicate yourself to one person, and clearly if you left the other person then you shouldnt allow them back since what doesnt work in the past wont work given a second time. It will only repeat itself. And before you judge me on my sentence fragments, give me a chance to explain,this is still valid advice. You should just find someone new altogether, you clearly dont love the person youre with. Thats not how we love people. We dont drag them along while we entertain the thoughts and memories of other people. Its just not right

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