Confused about this girl? ?

Hey people I'll get straight to the point there was this girl who came to my store before to cover because we were short staffed me and her hit it off right through the bat this was on 1st of October we met on the following Saturday and a few times after that even for her birthday, come 4 days ago we were talking about becoming official because she said she wanted to know me more than friends I said the same now skip a day after that she went quiet on the messaging and what not, I messaged and asked if everything was okay she said 'stressed' so I said if you wanna talk about it I'm here etc so now comes yesterday we had a convo and these were the things she were saying

No, nothing that you’ve done

But i am realising now that I don’t have the time to be with anybody rn

I want to but I can’t

I know I can make time , and that , not be stressed as much but I don’t feel like be with anybody ( it’s not just work you know)

And I’ll be here if you need me

Like wtf how does it go from all the dates to the late night texting etc to this.. I'm confused what do I do

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Time and time to think about what she wants. She's thought about it, and she realizes she hasn't got the time for a relationship. It happens.

    • Warren4 weeks agoReport

      So just leave it for now I'm guessing?

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