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Why do people not travel to Peru?

Peru is a beautiful country with amazing culture and food. So many things to do and honestly it’s become my favorite place to travel too. Last summer I went to Peru for the first time and I’ll be honest I was hesitant, but when I arrived in Lima I fell in love with the city. I had so much fun there and later into my vacation I traveled to Pucallpa, a small city that I’ll admit is the heart of the culture. People lived freely, without dictation of income or living standards. It was beautiful! In pucallpa I visited a tribal village where I got to hold a sloth and parrot which was fun. When I came home I told my friends about my adventure but they didn’t even know where Peru was. Why do people not know about such a wondrous nation?

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    I've been to Peru, and it is a beautiful country with beautiful people. However, don't forget you're only seeing the visiting tourist side of it. I found the best parts are outside the cities. The small little towns and villages in the middle of nowhere. I don't think I would like to live in Peru, but it's a great place to travel around. I miss Pisco Sours and Lomo Saltado... yum.

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    Gosh all those people getting off the planes and boats must be lost.

    MILLIONS visit Peru.

    It appears you are from the USA. Americans are known around the world for their lack of basic knowledge on the 200 countries that are not the USA.

    A little math will show you about 1,000,000 from the USA visit each year or about 3 people from every thousand.

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      I was just asking a question you didn’t have to insult my nationality

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    People DO travel to Peru. Tourism is Peru's third largest industry and growing about 25% per year.

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    Did you go to Machu Picchu?

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      I wish but I had to go home

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