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I don't know if I've had a miscarriage.?

I'm underage and I'm terrified of my parents finding out about my pregnancy. Sometime recently I started having this brown discharge. Which I've heard is normal, but it went on for a couple days and then it turned to blood for the remainder of the week. I know it's not my period because my cycle only lasts 2-3 days and the signs are very strong, I know it's coming days in advance, etc. I have had a little bit of cramps, but they're very spread out and they're not bad. I can't help but be worried.

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    First off, you haven't even tested positive for pregnancy, so how could you have a miscarriage if you aren't even certain your pregnant. It isn't uncommon at all for periods to skip days, change frequency or get heavier/lighter in a young female. Hormones play a huge part in when your period arrives and stress can do all sorts of strange things to your cycle as well. Cramping is not a huge concern either, it can happen before and during your period. If you were truly miscarrying, you'd be in so much pain and the bleeding would be profuse for a few hours. At this point, you are worrying about nothing. Until you take a pregnancy test you won't know if your pregnant or not. Even if you just had a miscarriage, that test will still show up as positive because the pregnancy hormone takes time to dissipate.

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      I have and they've come out positive. I merely said my parents were unaware. My period has been the same ever since I first got it, and I'm pretty sure my period wouldn't skip 7 months. Thank you for answering, nobody else has. 

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