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Why do most conservatives (particularly HankMoody, kathy_is_a_nurse, and Integration 20) support these obscene opinions?


"I hope Trump caters strictly to the one percent and leaves everybody else out to dry! Who cares about the needs of the lower and middle classes? They don't create jobs, do they?"

"Narcissists and bullies deserve to have great social lives. They are fun and exciting to be around! They are the best people to have as friends! Whoever hates them has the worst taste in people!"


Integration 20, how can I be an idiot when I ain't the one who's got those two opinions?

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  • Daddio
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    4 weeks ago

    After reading "most conservatives" I basically disregarded this

  • 4 weeks ago

    1) I'm flattered you're thinking of me this late at night.

    2) Seek help for your obsessions over internet forum personalities.

    3) You're an idiot.

    4) 😂😘👌 Lolz

    Edit: I'm not the one with those opinions either, idiot. Lolz

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