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How do I get over my gf’s pics with her ex?

I don’t know what the emotion really is. Probably jealousy. The guy’s family posted pictures of the two together and I found them somehow and (this sounds awful typing it out) it just hurt a lot to see her so happily with another guy. I guess I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to make her that happy.

How do I get over myself and convince myself that she is now choosing ME? and that I should be happy because it’s me, not him?

Maybe I’m just ranting. I think I’m sad. I don’t know.

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    Forget about the pics and think about current events. Clearly shes with you now, so obviously the guy must not have made her happy in recent times thats why she left him. Pictures can speak 1000 words. But the moments that go unpictured need to speak for themselves. Shes happier with you now, so quit sweating it. Show some self-assurance, thats the guy she grew to love... not the guy who questions if she was happier with her ex

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    It bothers you that your girlfriend was capable of happy feelings about another guy – even before she even knew you!

    Are you worried that she might not be faithful to you? Well, the only cure for that is to treat her like the sweetheart she is, and not doubt her for a second. You wouldn t want her to come to you right from a nasty breakup after a troubled relationship, would you? Better an old relationship that just faded away, don t you think?

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