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Why am I so attracted to this type of woman's looks?

The type of woman who wears her glasses on the tip of her nose. Why do I find it so erotic, and why do I get so turned on by it? Am I lowkey a sapiosexual?


Holy shitt aluria are you like the legendary pokemon of yahoo answers. Ive never seen someone with six figure points on here before. Why are you still on here? This site has gone to complete shitt. You must be one faithful and patient individual

Update 2:

I wanted to say mother ****** but individual sounded more polite. Plus i want to show some type of ettiquette in the presence of a six figure answerer

Update 3:

PS psychology will get you nowhere in life. Unless youre keen of manipulating people, then it will get you everywhere in life. Why not just be real with people, you dont always have to psychoanalyze everyone. Some people just arent meant to be understood. I guess laymans terms dont make enough sense, theyre what you psychologists would refer to as an enigma. Have a nice day

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    You're not sapiosexual (attraction to intelligence), you're attracted to women who wear their glasses on the tip of their nose. Wearing glasses doesn't make anyone intelligent.

    Why are you so attracted? Probably a memory of a woman wearing glasses like this tinged with eroticism. Association of ideas.

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