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Does my boyfriends friend secretly like me?

Over the weekend he came over to my bfs and my place with some friends. After saying hi I left to a room alone. 

Then out of no where the abruptly opens the door and says he thought it was the bathroom. I stared at him and starting smiling because I was startled. Then fully enter the room and started asking about my hobby and if I could help him out. I said sure then he took out his phone and asked for my number. I gave it to him. When he was talking to me he didn’t look at me at all. Only at one point we made eye contact for a while and I broke it away. I’m secretly crushing on him now. 

I think he might of been on something that night because the next day he was suppose to come over again but he didn’t show up and all his other friends that did show up were staring at me with a smile like if they knew something. They have never really acknowledged me before. They were being attentive at what I was saying and looking at me like if I was a puppy or something? I just noticed it from the corner of my eye. 

I have serious social anxiety issues and now taking meds so I’m starting to be more relaxed and social. I’m thinking maybe the friend thought my social awkwardness was due to me liking him that It turned into him liking me because we’ve never actually talked other than greeting each other with a warm hug.  He is way too cute and popular. Also maybe my bf talks about me non stop that he started to like me too? 

Do you think he likes me or am I being crazy? 

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    Yes it seems like he does, but why are you giving another guy your number and hugging him like that?

    • Day L3 weeks agoReport

      I gave him my number because I’m going to help him with his project.

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