How can carbon monoxide, cyanide , or pesticides disrupt electron transport chain or cellular respiration?

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    Carbon monoxide primarily just preferentially binds with hemoglobin in place of oxygen so the blood doesn t carry enough oxygen. That would disrupt the aerobic metabolism since it relies on oxygen. Cyanide toxicity can prevent ATP formation. ATP is needed by practically every anabolic metabolic pathway. It would shut down pretty much all metabolic activity. Pesticides is too broad a category but typically when used in that context It seems to me to be referring to those that affect our nervous system in a way similar to nerve agents. It may not be as common now by malathion was a classic example of toxicity we learned about in toxicology many decades ago. It is a acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, I knew it interfered with some kind of neurotransmitter and that is what that is. That doesn t directly affect cellular respiration. Those sorts of toxins tend to stop your breathing or heart or something like that. Then you have the problem of no oxygen.

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    Electron math.

    Each molecule that crosses barriers or goes through mechanism adds and subtracts the electrons to work perfectly like a Rube Goldberg machine. If the marbles roll down the trail are missing one and the weight doesn't trigger the hammer to pop the balloon to lower the key.... it all breaks.

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    I can tell you about carbon monoxide because I was trained about that.

    Hemoglobin is the molecule in your blood that grabs oxygen molecules in your lungs and releases them everywhere else in your body to oxygenate the tissues.  It's a very complicated molecule that is able to bond gently to O2 molecules, then let them go.  O2 is two atoms of oxygen but carbon monoxide is CO, one atom of carbon and one of oxygen.  When hemoglobin carbon monoxide molecule, it grabs it, and then it can't let it go.  So that hemoglobin molecule is no longer useful, no longer functional.  Get enough of those and your whole body will be starved for oxygen.  People who die of CO turn bright red.

    As for cyanide and pesticides, I couldn't say.

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