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Hair thinning or balding at 15?

Hey so My mom pointed out the other day that I looked like I’m gonna lose my hair early so I looked in the mirror and My hair noticeably got much thinner than it was a few days ago. I have always had very thin hair but it’s just gotten thinner in the last few days to the point where the bald spot on the back of my head is very easily visible and my parts are much wider and make it look like I have much less hair.  So far I haven’t noticed any excess shedding. My hair does feel greasyer than usual but even washing it with shampoo doesn’t help. If someone could help me understand what’s happening that would be appreciated. 

Side note:I haven’t really eaten any candies with food coloring in it for a year because I thought I was allergic and a few days ago I started eating it again and then just last night I noticed my hair thinning. Coincidence? Can that make my hair thin. Also idk if it helps but my grandpa on my dads side lost his hair pretty early. 

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  • andy
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    4 weeks ago

    don't worry your not the only one

  • Poppy
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    4 weeks ago

    Prob just a genetic then, the same is with my brother, my dad's side of the family balds easily, and my brothers been balding since hs

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