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I have a flat butt, but I'm a guy. What do I do?

So I've been wondering this for a long time. Also, I feel like this is one of the weirdest questions I have ever asked. So I'm a guy and my butt is extremely flat. A lot of my friends make fun of me for it and it's been a running joke for three years now. I was wondering if anyone could help me by telling me how to make my butt "normal." (I feel so weird typing this).

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    It's definitely an uncomfortable topic to talk about, and especially a conversation you can't have with your dad. But I'm glad you confided in us. You can try squats but you could also get shitt for that. I think your best bet would be to do lunges and make them seem as manly as possible. Put some weights tied to your midsection or you can hold a medicine ball that way people don't think you're doing it just for a bigger butt. People will know right away if you do squats that you're trying to get a bigger butt. Because that's just what squats are associated with these days. People don't really think about the quad growth from squats. But if you do lunges it will grow your glutes and your quads. Good luck

    If youre exercising in the comforts of your home then none of that would matter. By all means, do squats as they might be more efficient if you don't have a lot of space to work with. But if you're doing it in public or at a gym, then lunges are the way to go.

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