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Why does Britain's parliament keep delaying Brexit? Are they just looking for an excuse not to go through with it?

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  • Clive
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    4 weeks ago
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    Exactly right. The majority of MPs don't want Brexit (because we have a minority government) so they're doing everything possible to stop it. They can't stop it, because the only way to stop It is for the Prime Minister to write a letter to Donald Tusk saying "I withdraw the letter giving notice of Brexit that Theresa May sent you on 29 March 2017". But there is no way he will do that because

    a) he wants Brexit, and

    b) the people voted for it. OK, it was a small majority, but it was a majority.

    So the people voted for it and the only course left for the "remainers" is to do everything they can to delay it. There is even one party who have "come out" as rejecting the will of the people - ironically, they are called the Liberal Democrats. How much more illiberal and undemocratic can you get? I mean, it's not often we get asked a specific question, so when we do, we expect the government to act on it. Which it is trying its hardest to do.

    Meanwhile, those of the British population who take any notice are fed up. My own area of north west London is an interesting one. My own MP has said he's not standing again "to pursue another career" but I bet the truth is he's fed up with how insane British politics has become. If I lived across the road (this is literally true) I'd be in the Prime Minister's constituency. Go a few miles west and we're in the constituency of Beaconsfield, represented by Dominic Grieve, one of the Conservative rebels who doesn't want Brexit. My Mum lives there and her view is that she voted Remain, but the result was Leave so Leave is what we should do and she's not voting for Dominic again. Conveniently for her, Boris kicked him out of the party so the party needs to select someone else and that'll make her choice easy at the next general election. She can just vote Conservative again now Dominic isn't one!

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    The long and short of it, MPs do not want brexit to happen, they want to keep things in a cosy gravy train relationship rather than venturing out into a brave new world of being outside the EU. The stupid MPs just dont see how much damage they are doing to the country, all of them need a huge kick up their butts

  • Tom V
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    4 weeks ago

    Because Brexit is a horrible idea, maybe? I'm not British. But it's a horrible idea. Feel free to quote me. "BREXIT" = "BAD".

  • 4 weeks ago

    Only 1.2% more voters went for Brexit than turned it down in the referendum years ago. Apparently the members of Parliament were not among those in the slim majority.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes- they know their investments are going to tank, and they are going to lose a lot of money.

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