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Someone please expain electrical to me, i want adirect connection for my tv led and xbox one, what type of equipment ammi lookimg for?

Basicall i am in search of a seperate source of power because my home has less elecricit and i dont want it to short out

Please tell me the equipment i meed battry size etc. And how long it will last and take to recharge

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    Yes, xbox is only 250 watts. There are plenty of ,methods to get it running


  • 3 weeks ago

    Battery power won't do it. 

    A load such as the one you describe is small and should not be a problem. 

    However, if necessary, you could use a generator. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    using a TV and Xbox on one outlet shouldn't trip your breakers. You can check the size of the breakers in the box. They are labeled with a number which tells you what they are rated. But again, with the TV on and the Xbox on, there shouldn't be enough power drain to trip the breaker. If you have other things at that point to plug in (even if they are not being used at the same time) you can plug in a power strip to accommodate the extra plugs and to keep from having to unplug things to use other things.

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