I have a question about fafsa?

Ok so I just created my fafsa I’d and it was created successfully only that they need to verify the social security number is this normal? Btw I’m a us citizen that was born in the United States. And also can undocumented immigrants get a fafsa id?

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    Yes, they verify your SS number. They also now audit random submissions by asking for further verification because people have falsified their forms in the past.

    Yes, undocumented immigrants can fill out a FAFSA, but they are not generally eligible for federal financial aid. In some states, they can pay in state tuition if their parents have been living in the state and paying state taxes (which is where the funding for universities mostly comes from).

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    3 weeks ago

    When you submit the FAFSA, it automatically goes through a series of data matches to verify the information you provide. For example, it matches your information with records from the selective service to determine if you are a male and whether you are registered. A data match with the Department of Homeland Security verifies that you are a citizen or eligible non-citizen. There is also a data match with the Social Security Administration to verify that your name, date of birth and social security number are correct. These are all perfectly normal and are done on every FAFSA. If there's an issue, there will be a comment on your Student Aid Report (SAR) that tells you what the problem is. For example, it might say that the social security number and date of birth match, but the name doesn't. When the ssn doesn't match, it's usually a typo. When the name doesn't match, it's often the case that the name you commonly use and entered on the FAFSA isn't what's printed on your social security card. For example, you enter your name as "Jake" on the FAFSA, but your card says "Jacob". There is also frequently a problem with hyphenated names, or sometimes with Hispanic students who sometimes use more than one family name. Most errors are easily corrected by simply looking at your social security card and correcting the information on the FAFSA to match whatever is printed there. In the case of an incorrect social security number, however, your school might want you to do a new FAFSA using the correct number.

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      Ok so it verified my social security and it said matched it was successful and made me create a fsa id for the fafsa. Does that mean I'm eligible for federal financial aid?

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    that is an interesting set of questions

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    "I have a question about FAFSA?"

    That is NOT a question. Have a nice day.

    Yes, FAFSA will require your SSN for identification.

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      A question was certainly asked, if you read the entire description.

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