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What is most flattering for my body?

I'm 5'4, 109lbs, 24.5in waist, 34.5in hips, 33in chest. My legs are pretty thin. My shoulders are a bit wider than hips, but my hips are wider than my chest. So I'm not an hourglass, pear, or inverted triangle. I believe I'm a spoon shape. What clothes are most flattering for me? I can't find much about my body shape online. I also have pretty high hips which makes things very unflattering on me I find, so my widest part of my hips looks like about where my waist should be. Does anyone else have this body type? What clothes are flattering for you. Like should I wear tighter pants to accentuate my legs, or looser bottoms to balance my shoulders. I'm lost! Everything is conflicting.

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    4 weeks ago

    That's a very nice figure you have and I believe what you are talking about is called "short-waisted" which I am too. HOnestly men love that figure so try not to over worry about it.

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