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Is it okay if I dream of a Canada like THIS?

Canada was swell when it was just Quebec (French) and the Maritimes (British), while the rest of the country was rural with Natives. Way back when. Not to mention, a bilingual country aligned with the Native peoples.

Similar to Russia; both Russia and Canada are the two biggest countries on the planet. Russia's European population is in the West, in and around two large cities, while the rest is just a tundra with Mongolian tribes.

Canada would be no different; the European population would be in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces (in and around the rightful capital Montreal with the rest in Quebec City and Halifax), and the rest being farmland/a tundra with Native reserves.

Ontario and Western Canada are jokes in my book.

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    You could dream like that, but, it would be a fantasy, and not even close to reality. But, dreams are dreams, and we can dream what we like.

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    That's OK, in Ontario's book, you are the (insignificant) joke. Just one that is 100% UNfunny.

    Canada is a great country. You are a horrid little person.

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