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is this herpes???? please help ?

i posted this but no one is really helping. i kissed my boyfriend for the first time about a week ago then we had sex last saturday. he told me this morning he had sex in December with a girl who potentially had herpes. he’s never had a outbreak and i got pissed as to why he hasn’t gotten tested but he said it was cause he’s scared. but yesterday i had a little bump on my lip that went away then today i had little bumps on my lip line that i was messing with and they did get swollen and red but can someone please tell me if this is a beginning stage of herpes??? i’m freaking out so bad i didn’t know he had sex with someone with it other wise i wouldn’t have had sex....

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  • Herpes usually causes symptoms like itching, burning and or tingling. If it's not causing any pain or symptoms like that, then it's not likely to be herpes.

    Also this girl 'potentially had herpes', even if she did have it herpes isn't always automatically passed on. If she wasn't having signs or symptoms of a break out at the time, his chances of getting it would be low. But he can have herpes with out having any signs or symptoms.

    Tell him to stop being scared. He should man up and get tested, he needs to know about things like this. He also cheated on you and kept it from you since last December, what else could he be lying about or keeping from you...

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      it was burning but i think because i was messing with it picking it. and i know. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    Doesn’t look like herpes, looks like tiny abscesses. Herpes is distinctive blisters on a red base that ulcerate and crust.

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