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Would you agree that Eastern Canada is like Europe, whereas Central/Western Canada is very much like the US?

Quebec and the Atlantic provinces anyway:

-Quebec is like France with a touch of Belgium and Switzerland.

-The Maritimes/Newfoundland are like Scotland, Wales and those English port cities.

-Liberalism (there isn't really a conservative stronghold in these parts)

-Pride parades


-Drinking culture (be it beer or wine)

-Muslim and refugee presence

Toronto is more or less New York City without the excitement.

BC, Alberta, Sask, Manitoba, and even Northerly Ontario:

-This section of Canada has much in common with the Western US.

-Alberta is Texas

-Sask is Oklahoma or Kansas

-Manitoba would be Iowa or the Dakotas

-BC is the US West Coast

-Conservative (Vancouver is their LA or Seattle though)

-Oppose globalism for the most part

-Less accepting of other cultures

-Huge fans of country music

-Not nearly as right wing as the US (may not like Trump but despise Trudeau), but far from Liberal.

This is my observation from traveling the country.

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