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Whats wrong with my body?

For the past two months i have been bruising easily, i get popped blood vessels in random places that eventually go away, wake up with a stuffy nose with bloody boogers, when i stand up i see stars. Also i have had 2 swollen lymph nodes for six years about an inch in diameter on right side of neck( i dont know if thats a problem or not, is it?). A few months ago i had a couple hemmoroids back to back, but i dont think I have had others since then,I dont know why i have sudden symptoms of bad anemia, im worried i have leukemia or something? I eat 4 egg whites and a chicken thigh every day, i feel like thats enough iron for a young adult female. What could be going on with me? I have a doctors appointment scheduled for a few weeks from now. Im freaking out because i jist found some popped blood vessels on my face and when i got up quick i literally could not see anything for a few seconds.

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  • 9 months ago

    See a doctor for a complete checkup.  Tell the doctor everything you wrote here.

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