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Are we legally engaged?

I walked down the street with my girlfriend and asked her “Will you marry me?” She said “yes”. We went to her apartment and she picked out a ring online. I bought her the ring and it arrived in my possession. Is this a legal engagement?

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    Engagements are not a legal status; only a marriage is. You cannot be 'legally engaged'. You've made pledge to your partner, but it has no legal status. You've got to register a marriage and that is a legal document.

    You don't even have to buy a ring for an engagement to be a pledge to your partner to recognize that you are engaged.

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    If you're in the US, that's not even a thing.

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    Engagements aren't "legal"... they are a promise to marry. Nothing happens if you don't end up married.

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    I don't know about legal engagement but she could possibly sue you for fraud if you back out of going through with the marriage. You could draw up a formal legal documents stating that you are going to marry and what you are willing to give if it falls through but she might feel disheartening to the fact. Congratulations and Good Luck enjoy the wedding and reception planning.

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  • Kelly
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    Engagement is not a legal status. Married and single is.

  • I don't think there's laws with engagements, if you accepted her proposal then you're engaged. When it comes to marriage, then you have to get a marriage certificate, have it be valid at the time you decide to get married, also you may need a marriage certificate. Also you should have some one be able to legally perform some type of wedding ceremony.

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    Engagement isn't a legal status.

    You have however proposed and she's accepted; so you would be considered to be engaged to be married.

  • Candi
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    No you have to go to this chapel house and there is an authorized person there to grant certificates of marriage. You do the whole I do in front of each other. Symbolically it may be each others commitment to each other but legally it is only true if you marry at an official place where they grant you that certificate. You pay a fee of health check of each other and bring it back then the ceremony begins and you two sign a certificate. Marriage begins that moment of signatures.

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    sounds like youre engaged

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    I don't know what a "legal engagement" means unless you have both signed a contract to marry.

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