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Is it weird/normal to wear three pair of thermals/fleece tights when its 15 C/59 F outside?

For some reason I get very cold on my legs quickly than the rest of the body as well as headaches (like the ones you get from ice cream) without wearing a hat, but get sweaty if wearing a chunky sweater.

People often joke about how many tights im wearing, but i get stressed if I dont wear them.

Been like this for about a decade (30s now) and relatively slim (5'6, 125ibs) and eat healthy so I doubt its a health issues.

Live in Nordic climate. The temp range from 5F/-15 C to 85 F/30 C . Some people classify 60s F for spring weather, for me its like winter.

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  • Jerry
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    4 weeks ago
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    I live in Florida. And as far as I'm concerned anything cooler than 65F is MITTEN WEATHER. Whether it's USUAL or not doesn't matter. What matters is that I'm comfortable.

    BTW, I don't literally wear mittens for that weather, but I do wear a warm wool hat and probably lightweight "long johns" under my clothes. The mittens appear at 50F or colder.

  • Steve
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    4 weeks ago

    I don't see it as weird. I don't know whether it's normal or not but it's ok.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes, it's odd . If it was normal everyone would be doing it.

  • 4 weeks ago

    yes its normal..............................

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  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    i would wear whatever you want but i would also find out why youre so cold, you might need to check your thyroid

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