Which signs usually don't get along with people of their own sign or get on each other nerves and admit it themselves?

I've seen plenty of Virgos, Geminis, Cancers and Pisces say their signs are so annoying that they usually dont like other virgos, geminis, cancers and pisces. Some Aries also

Aquarius, Scorpios, Libras, Taurus, Sagittarius seem to gel with their own well. Leo 50/50?

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    4 weeks ago
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    I also see Virgo women saying they can't along. I always see Gemini men write off Gemini women as head cases too. I think virgo is too petty to get along with each other. Virgo women also say themselves that they have problems getting along with other women period. Women who are insecure, uptight, judgemental, jealous, petty will have problems with friendships. I get along with other Leos for the most part but not all leos.

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    I’m a Cancer and I like other Cancers as friends. I think when it comes to dating people prefer someone who is different than them, because if they’re too alike then they can’t fix the flaws in their characters. It’s like yin and yang where they’re opposites but they need each other for balance.

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    Don't get along:

    Cancers- I admit we can be annoying, I'm friends with more Fire and Air signs. They're fun to be around, they really know how to live life without a care.


    Aries- probably want to kill each other too much ego and selfishness


    Scorpios - I know plenty who don't get a long, usually girls, who go at each other and end up fighting. Scorpios have ego and control issues

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    I really like them. 

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    Yeah... you're correct

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    i dont think it has anything to do with signs, just the people involved

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