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Is Cbd bad while pregnant? ?

In any form bud, vape, or oil.

Its rested it thoughts, experiences,  and facts. 

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  • 2 weeks ago second link is from the only US organization which tracks pregnancy and marijuana use.  It absolutely shows self-reporting of marijuana use during pregnancy is up by a lot.  We know in those areas pregnancy issues are down.  Does that mean anything?  Possibly not...  However, it clearly indicates something.

    If you are not dumb and do not work for the US government or pharmaceutical corporation you know CBD/THC is very good for women.  There are unique benifits for men/women and women do show better benefits (our neurochemistry/biology and many other things are different).Look here: you look?  I will assume you did.  The problem with your question is we have no actual studies on pregnant humans and the benefits of CBD.  It would be silly for a corrupt/crazy government, failing healthcare or pharmaceutical cartels to allow or fund such studies - so they don't exist.So, anyone who offers you a specific opinion on this is basing it on mostly anecdotal evidence (which is 100% acceptable, but you need to understand that).We do know and can prove a healthy woman is more likely to produce a healthy baby.  We do know THC/CBD is great for many things.  We also know an unhealthy woman/unhappy woman is more likely to produce a baby with problems.While their is limited evidence to suggest it is good for you while pregnant there is currently no actual evidence/data which proves it is bad. If you consider the fact we do know THC/CBD is healthy, often more benificial for women and happy / healthy women are more likely to produce healthier babies - you can form your own opinion.Despite all the fear mongering articles, not even the FDA/CDC has any evidence.  While it is not the 1920s or 1800s anymore. We know its harder to be a woman.  Society, boyfriends, government or others want to control or dictate a womans sexual health, attitude or other things.  When you hear fearmongering or a boyfriend/husband or 'society' seeking this type of control it might indicate a problem.Modern medicine which gives billions to global government does better when women / people are sicker.  Its just how it currently works.I can not directly answer your question, it might involve a child if this is not a troll and not hypothetical.  Though there is information out there which will help.  I offered an informed reply.  Now you need to decide.

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