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Anyone feel weird cause at school and work people talk and make friends right in front of you?

And just ignore you and youre almost always alone and not talking to anyone. Its weird. I know nobody owes it to talk to me and that i dont make it easy because i dont talk first to them... I'm kinda over it and it doesn't bother me as much but its weird how people just talk to each other in front of you over and over and never say hey to you or try to include you. I'm not even that ugly or gross.

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  • Pearl
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    maybe you should try talking to them first, maybe they think you dont want to talk

  • Candi
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    1 month ago

    Smile more, display a free-spirited attitude, act as if you are at peace and enjoying your day. Remain neutral and try to have small talk about the weather, complimenting others, or sharing something about yourself. It worked for me, I would display a good attitude or just laugh at some things. Being well humored helps. I would also read the bible and share some facts with others. When i used to go to work I would always try to carry an important phrase or inspiring quote. Do not be hard on yourself or think at all this tends to blur our minds and energy. Keep focusing on your surroundings and bring joy by staying out of meaningless gossip and hang around with people who are intelligent and well mannered. I also used to bring some candy or something to share then people would be thankful it was something small and I also sold some merchandise which helped me make extra money and people would see i cared about their lifestyle. I marketed beauty products and shared about my experiences in school like where I went or what I did. Every little bit here and there helps. Keep trying. I have also made professional connections while going to school and at work. I would also save in order to find some time to travel and get my mind out of some things or just to get away. This was the most enjoyable. It taught me how to love myself more and enjoy my freedom.

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    I feel like that literally all the time. Like during a football game, i sit in the band section (im in band) and the entire band is in its own little groups talking and having fun but im always alone and never included. I definitely feel lonely and awkward, so i relate.

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