disposal outlet?

I am trying to install an outlet to my garbage disposal coz the wires used to be directly connected to my disposal.I have black and white wires on the left side  and ground , white and black on the right side. but suddenly the black and white on the right side suddenly stops working. any idea what might be the problem here? 


sample photo below

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  • 10 months ago

    If you got whites on both sides one white likely goes to a switch, but it's a little confusing because both blacks should also be on the same side as one of the whites.

    You'll need a tester to determine which pair is the hot pair.

    Connect grounds together and to the receptacle using an approved connector (a greenie or pigtailing from a yellow or tan wirenut).

    If you are don't need one half to stay hot then identify the pair that has power on the black. Connect the white that is paired with that black to the side of the receptacle with the tall blades. Connect the hot black to the other white with a wire nut. If you don't have a wirenut then you can't use this method, skip down to the instructions below. Connect the remaining black to the side of the receptacle with short blades.

    If you need one half to stay hot and one half switched then you first break the tab between the top and bottom on just the hot side (the side with short blades). Connect the white from the power pair to the neutral side (tall blades). Connect the hot black and the white to the switch together to the bottom half on the hot side. Connect the remaining black to the top of the receptacle on the hot side. Now what you have is the hot black and it's white feed constant power to the bottom. The other white sends hot to the switch, which controls if it sends hot back down to the top half of the receptacle. This is a rare exception that allows the white to be used as a hot, the white should (already) be permanently identified (marked, tagged) as a hot conductor at all access boxes.

  • Joe
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    10 months ago

    For an garbage disposal, I'd strongly suspect that the wires leading out of the top of the box go to a switch near the sink, on the wall. Look up diagrams of how switched outlets are wired, try to fit one to what you see. (There are a couple of different ways to do this.)

  • 10 months ago

    It isn't uncommon for one set of wires to be the supply from the breaker, and the other to feed from there to other outlets.

    I recommend using a GFCI outlet, which may be required by code. The 'hot' wires connect to the 'line' terminals on the outlet and the other wires connect to the 'load' terminals.

    The other option woulce be to connect both to the 'line' terminals, but then the 'load' won't be protected by the GFCI.

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