Anyone else have an Insurance Company shady, shameful story?

My baby girl was born with ARPKD, and died 7 days later. The bill was roughly $65k. Hubby & I had 30 days to get her on our insurance plan in order to cover it. Hubby makes the $, so she went on his plan. On day 31, a woman from the ins. comp. called, asked how I was doing. I said ok given the sitch, partly cuz the bill is covered. “Well, actually, that’s why I’m calling - you missed the deadline, she’s not on your plan, the $68k is now your prob.” I’m floored - um, she’s on hubby’s plan - didn’t you do your homework? Pause. “Oh, I see, well, thanks for your time, and you have my deepest sympathy.”

Orlllllllly? Tryna make a grieving mother eat $68k? Where is this alleged sympathy?  GROSS. Any of y’all gotta story like mine? Please share, thank you.

2 Answers

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Pretty much anyone living in the US who's had a major medical problem has a similar story. But I'm very sorry for your loss and I hope you and the spouse will see a genetic counselor and consider IVF should you try again for a baby. ARPKD is genetic and in most cases embryos with that condition can be winnowed out and not used.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Yes i had a stain insurance company and had a marker mark on my couch the requested photos so i sent them and they said they determined itvwas a ciggerete burn i said definately not plz send someone to fix stain they said no they can not fix cig stains and closed the case and would not let me reopen it. I was like just send someone in person l eill pauly full cost if it is a cig burn but if its not which its not then yall need to cover it but they refused

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