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Can someone make me a list of all the good trump has done?

i want to make a notecard. 

I know he made the opioid thing a crisis si funding can help those affected

What else 

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    Unemployment is the lowest in 50 years at least.

    Blacks and Hispanics have the best employment ever.

    The economy is great.

    Troops are coming home.

    There are so many things I can not write them all.

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    I'm not a fan of Trump, in fact I'm waiting for him to get in trouble for what he said about the Annulment clauses of the constitution lol, however, I won't deny the good things he has done, here's a list of what I can remember.

    1.) He raised awareness of the Rodney King fundraiser to help support police brutality against innocent black bystanders, including spend time and money himself.

    2.) He funded multiple UNICEF paid programming hour long promotions.

    3.) He deported over 300 convicted felons back to their own country, and they were easy to find thanks to Obama's Naturalization Registry for illegal aliens during his presidency.

    4.) He received the Ellis Island Metal of Honor next to Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali.

    5.) He increased SNAP benefits specifically for single mothers after he disabled them for only two weeks.

    Those are only the things I remembered. I know that Trump is probably not fit for a president, after all, his years of business did not prepare him to run a country, but bare in mind that whatever his motives were for making in impact in the past, don't forget that he did it and people are still positively affected because of it. So next time when someone tells you that Trump is an Orange monster, ask them to call Rodney King and see what he thinks of him.

    Hope I Helped ^_^

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