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please ansewer if you train in martial arts ( or atleast know about jiujitsu)?

i trian in a style of jujitsu that is not BJJ but another style,and i asked about knee on belly technique, and he said hes does not like it,becuase "it dosent work" in grappling,and said it leaves you open to being "flipped"

is he right? i really like the knee on belly technique,

and i told my friend and training partner,that i see some of this from youtube ( from instructors) and my friend said he does not trust it if its from youtube.....

does it sound like im in a mcdojo?


when i said "he" i mean my instructor.

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    well generally the idea of knee on belly is by being postured really high you can hit them with strikes but they cant hit you. if they try to grab and flip you the idea is you basically get a free arm bar attempt on them. if they try to flip you with the closer arm theyre in even more trouble cause you can transition to trapping that arm between your legs i cant remember what the position is called iirc crucifix or something like that. or maybe a school boy mount etc.

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    What does he say about keeping your weight lower or down and posturing and lowering your center of gravity? A knee to the belly has its applications but it also has to be used properly and with some of those other aspects in mind. At the same time there is some junk out there on U Tube also so I hesitate to say you are in a mcdojo which is why he also might be saying what he is saying.

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