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Is the Brexit disaster convincing proof that democracy is a complete failure and must be abandoned immediately?

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    Democracy is credited with some very impressive achievements. I hope it will last. I have to say that I have doubts about how long it can last. What bothers me most is the decline in education.

    • Killmouseky
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      "We don't need no education" gone mad? Despite "Freethinking"s view, I think general education across the whole world has dropped off to a tragic degree in the last 30 years.

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    You do have a point. But more threat extensive threat is likely not so much the economic disaster of Brexit but the more extensive & lasting "Popular-ism" which wants to overthrow both the mature & developing democracy types that characterise the free world culture's existing. Where threats & even violence are a source of attack upon rational & thus democratic philosophy. And also the worry that emerging new objective philosophy may also face setbacks.. particularly in its attempts to broker a better future with the logic called "an Emergency environment")    

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    Democracy may have its problems, however, it is demonstarably better than any other form of government

  • small
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    Democracy can slow down or churn up processes, especially in matters of great national importance, but would eventually ensure that the decision is taken in the best interests of all.... even if a wrong decision gets taken, the democratic processes would ensure that in course of time such wrong decisions are overturned.

    In the longer term, therefore, Democracy is indeed the best system of governance for a country.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    No; just the opposite, otherwise it would have been settled quickly, but then there would never had been a referendum in the first place, if it was not democracy being implemented.

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