Haunted Halloween at paultons park or I’m safer getting a now tv sky cinema redeem voucher at boots pharmacy?


X7 from west quay to x7 bus stop at the pub and car park drive in to the paultons park in ower!!! Romsey!!!

Update 2:

For a car of four people ticket plus babies under one metre go free is one hundred and forty pounds one day ticket!!!

Update 3:

Where say if I was stupid enough to do it alone in the rainy season too it would be fair to say I’d need one hundred pound safety net for forty pound individual single entry ticket and ten pound return bus ticket which is the Salisbury bus mostly and the driver may just ignore me and keep driving on bigger motorway all the way to Salisbury!!! Ten pound for sandwich stuff!!! Twenty pound on possible fold up resting chair!!! And money for souvenir and cafe!!!

Update 4:

I might want ready flash camera to take photo of peppa pigs Halloween thing!!!

Update 5:

It might be raining more than just drizzle!!! So might not be looking very fashionable in wet weather gear and backpack and walking boots only!!!

Update 6:

Where I’ve just been browsing the boots Christmas catalogue at home on my sofa!!! And at the back pages the now tv sky cinema voucher caught my eye more for fifteen pounds where we do have now TV set up in my home widescreen two months pass of viewing whatever sky cinema movies I want out of the now tv selection they put up for paying customers!!!

Update 7:

I asked the main bill payer in my house if I could check for a voucher code imput and he let me and it looks like it’s possible definitely!!!

Update 8:

I’ve been like Mary poppins lately spending on my “sisters baby girl”!!!

Update 9:

When originally the idea of babies around me right now was very frightening!!!

Update 10:

Where I think they all aren’t up for autumn winter trips at all except me!!!

Update 11:

They haven’t really said anything!!!

Update 12:

That’s convincing enough!!! So I still take it as negative then!!!

Update 13:

Anyway!!! After this much was mentioned I rechecked what kind of movies will be available and I think I needed more fun than that so it was fine to leave it!!!

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