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Can humans rule wildlife?

Let’s say an army unit decides to take over some forests and jungles. Will all wildlife be intimidated by the tanks and army trucks, along with armed soldiers? 

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    No, there have been animal attacks on soldiers during every war that has ever been fought,,,

    Two Taliban fighters sought refuge in a cave where a bear was sleeping,,, the bear killed both of them,,

    Tiger attacks were not unheard of on troops during the Vietnam war, Korean war and in the Chinese theater during WW II,,

    Wolves were known to attack German soldiers on the Russian front during WW II,,

    The Japanese lost several hundred troops trying to cross a crocodile infested swamp in WW II,,

    Just a few examples off the top of my head.

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    Friend there's not a lot of jungles and forests left! And generally when animals see humans with tanks and soldiers coming they flee the area. Animals have grown wise knowing that humans know how to make fire.

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    we already have

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    Sure you can. Ask Tarzan. He's able to control a colony of apes. Good thing Clayton died.

    Source(s): Tarzan (1999)
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    i dont think so but maybe some people can

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