Has there been examples of demons "turning good" in holy scriptures? ?

Much like how Lucifer fell from heaven has there ever an example of the reverse? An evil entity seeking redemption? I know there is works of fiction that explore it but what about in religious texts? 

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  • Justin
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    Theologically, demons live in a psychological state called 'parrhesia' (Greek: literally, 'all-outspokenness').

    This is the psychological state we enter when we 'mature' fully into whatever we are. So it is not inherently bad or good. Angels exist in this state too. It is the state of fully expressed potential. Humans have not entered this state yet, but we can enter it as individuals by completely committing ourselves to either good or evil.

    Once we do, there is no 'repentance' because that term implies either reversing course and embracing good or reversing course and embracing evil, (more rare usage). The 'redemption' process in particular is a reference only to rejecting evil and embracing goodness, which includes helping to reverse the damage done by evil as part of a collective system of irreversible goodness, (Romans 8:28). The 'demons' and 'angels' cannot repent because they have achieved their state of 'parrhesia.' There is therefore no 'redemption' possible for demons. There is also no way for existing angels to 'fall' because the test that caused the demons to fall, which the angels survived, brought them both to their state of 'parrhesia.'

    You can imagine this psychological state as if you are so confident in yourself that you never stop to question anything at all and nothing ever causes you to do so. Your passion overrides any such obstacle and no doubt exists at all. Psychologists call this 'self-actualization' though this is the most extreme version of it possible, leaving absolutely nothing on the table in terms of expressed potential.

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      That was very thorough and well thought out! Thank you very much that makes a lot of sense.

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  • Doug
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    Such a thing cannot happen, since the nature of such entities (as they were created by God) doesn't permit it.

    Source(s): www.askmeaboutgod.org
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    Not in Christian Scripture

    nor in any Christian legend that I have heard.

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    demons cannot be redeemed

    • Breakthrough
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      Jesus says the sins of man can be forgiven but those who commit the unforgivable sin cannot be forgiven - this leads me to believe that the sins of the devil are in the unforgivable category since they sin with knowledge and intent while humans are partially blind to the evil they do

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    How about a satan who still holds the keys to heaven and comes and goes as he pleases?

    Job 1:6-7

    Religious myths don't have to make any logical sense.

    • Satan was always gods royal prosecuting attorney...until the christians came along and added their unauthorized sequel called the new testament.

  • Prince
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    4 weeks ago

    Fallen Angels(who took wives in genesis) were cast down to hell(bottomless pit) to be in chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment.

    “By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison;”

    1 Peter 3:19

    I believe the spirits here refers to the fallen angels.

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    "Demons believe and tremble." James

  • 4 weeks ago

    the holy texts are works of fiction

    • the question mentions both I put them together n a logical way

  • One of the demon pigs that Jesus murdered saw the error of his ways and begged for mercy just before he was drowned by Jesus, but to no avail.

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