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Can women be child molesters or am i overreacting? ?

Ok so little back story me and my younger brother have memories of this family member molesting us when we were about 4 and 5, but she convinced everyone that we told that we made it up in our heads for attention. I even started to question whether i actually had these memories or if i just imagined it. We have problems from this. Fast forward i ended up getting pregnant at 17, i was homeless due any day. I had no one to help me so when this family member offered to give me and my baby a place to live until i get back on my feet i took it because i felt that was the best option.. when my son was about 5 months old she pointed out that he had a “huge d***” and “will make a great pornstar”, i was disgusted so i called her out for it but the family members that were there said i was overreacting and she didn’t mean anything by it. Since then i try to avoid changing his diaper around her. There’s been several occasions where I’ve caught her kissing him on the mouth, neck and shes nibbled on his ear before. Once she came out of the bathroom naked because she said forgot her towel and she laughed and said my son was giving her looking her up and down. Which i really doubt my baby would be checking her out. It’s ******* gross. I’m so disgusted by her. I don’t trust her around my son. I’m positive she did molest me when i was little, because the way she acts with my son is how she acted with me. My question is, does it sound like she wants to rape him? Or am i just overreacting?

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     you should get out of there.. seriously..

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    You might be overreacting. She probably just has a little crush on him.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    This just reeks of troll spamming.

  • 3 weeks ago

    maybe you should move out with your baby

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  • Hope!
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    3 weeks ago

    seriously, get out of there as soon as possible. No, you are not over-reacting at all.. her comment about him being a future porn star - that comment alone - is alarming. People don't speak without thinking first.. what I mean is this - she saw your son, she must have thought of sex, right away, or she wouldn't have said that.. see what I mean?

    I would be very polite. I would say, thanks for taking us in etc.. but I would get out of there - even going to a women's shelter if I had to... her kissing him on the mouth..this is just going to get worse

    • I told her i don’t even kiss him on the mouth and i don’t want her kissing him on the mouth either. It’s just nasty to me. I know people are different but to me you kiss your husband on the lips not your child, and definitely not someone else’s child. 

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