Is anyone here familiar with massage-therapy?

1) How stable are these 

jobs on a scale from 1 to 10? 

2) Is it stressful or fast-paced? 

3) Do I get to be around 

candles and healing-stones? 

4) Was it worth the investment 

to pay $10,000 to go to school? 

Thank You

3 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    1) It depends on how well you can build up a group of repeat clients because you will either be paying the studio a portion/pecentage of each massage fee or "rent" for an assigned room. Most insurances will not pay for massages so this may be considered a luxury.

    2) If you know what you re doing and love it, then it s not stressful. The pacing depends on how many back-to-back clients you have. In the beginning when you don t have regular clients, it will be stressful because you may be dependent on walk-ins.

    3) Usually the masseuse or masseur will set up their room/area the way they want with music and candles (or essential oil diffusers). Healing stones would be used only if you were trained/accredited in providing that type of service. For example, if it was part of a reiki treatment.

    4) It's worth it if you love to do that type of work. It s like any other job that interacts with the public. You'll have great clients and lousy ones. It s a physical job where you will be on your feet all the time. You may have clients who are very heavy and muscular or slim and not muscular. You have to learn how to adapt to the different body types. If you give deep tissue massages, that requires strength as well as knowing how to use your body weight to give the right amount of pressure.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    1) Stable. There will always be injured people who need their tight muscles relaxed, and there are others who have money to burn and a massage would be nice even for the uninjured.

    2) Don't know from personal experience but I think not.

    3) No. Candles are toxic. If a massage therapist was burning one when I went in for my massage, I'd tell him/her to kill the candle. In fact, I would not go back there because prior burning - the air is already toxic. Even soy and pure beeswax - burn clean but NO candle burning is better. The ones in my home are only for looks. Healing stones - No. What would those have to do with massage therapy?

    4) If you love doing it and can make a living at it, then it was worth it. If you don't like it or have to go into another field in order to make a living, then it wasn't worth it. Since you spent the money to become one, make use of it. Give it a chance. Just don't get too kooky on other things and trying to incorporate them into your work. Soft, relaxing, instrumental music - absolutely, but leave it at that.

    Source(s): Been having massages for 30 years.
  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Very little investment, a table and a white coat, maybe some lubes.

    Best scam not requiring a Uni degree.

    Lots of gullible people who cannot afford a Chiropractor.

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