How does an actor/actress end up getting a role in film or television? ?

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    The production company hires a casting director (CD) to find qualified actors to audition for a role.

    If the CD (or the director or the producers) knows a particular actor they think would be good for a role, they contact the actor's agent and invite them to audition. This is how better known actors get auditions. It's also why it's important for actors to network and get to know CDs and make sure CDs know them and their skills. If the production is looking for a big name actor, then they may just offer the role to the actor without an audition.

    The CD can also write a "breakdown" - a description of the project and the roles to be cast. The CD makes the breakdown available to legitimate agents and sometimes on union websites. Most TV shows and movies are union productions which means they have agreements with the SAG-AFTRA union and preference is given to actors who are members of the union. So posting it on the union website is one way actors fine out about the roles. Breakdowns are not usually not made available to the general public.

    Agents review the breakdowns and submit the appropriate actors for the role. To submit means to send the CD an actor's professional head shot and resume listing their acting training, experience, special skills, union affiliation and links to a show reel demonstrating the actor's previous screen work. Sometimes an agent may call or contract the CD in another way to campaign to get an actor they represent an audition. An agent can submit more then one actor they represent for the same role. An actor can also self-submit which means they send the headshot and resume to a CD directly without going through an agent.

    The CD reviews the submissions and invites the actors they're interested in to audition. Depending on the type of role there may an initial audition/interview with the CD who will then pass on actors to audition for directors and producers. There may be multiple auditions - again depending on the role.

    When they've made a decision, the production company will contact the actor's agent who will negotiate the contract.

    It's important to understand that this is show business. People invest a lot of money in their projects and they trust that investment to trained and experienced professionals. So they're not looking for people off the street. they don't hold open auditions or anything like that. There are a lot of scams and rip offs that prey on people who don't understand the business end of things.

  • 4 weeks ago

    In the short term, they audition and are chosen by the director/producer for the role.

    In the long term, they have natural acting talent, the right look, years of training and experience.

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