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Christians do you support my vision for the US?

I plan on denying separation of church and state. I support getting rid of secular law and the constitution. I support a society who’s religious, social and political institutions are Christian and reintroducing biblical law!

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    As a lifelong Christian and a native-born US citizen, I do not support your plan. The main thing we've learned from attempts to combine governments and religious institutions is that it corrupts both.

    The reason for this, I think, is that governments must necessarily have the power to enforce their laws. So the only way to keep them honest and limit their corruption is to limit the scope of their laws.

    Religion, however, is inherently concerned with ALL aspects of life. Its scope cannot be limited. Therefore, obedience to religious rules must be entirely voluntary.

    The two cannot be combined safely. Attempts to do so have always endangered any people subject to the resulting theocracies. Moreover, the theocracies themselves are always corrupted as a result.

    The funny thing—or, when he was in another mood, the sad thing—was that no one ever caught on to his method. When he invariably brought in scholarship that would support the cause of Christ and the monarchs of Spain, everyone assumed that this meant that the course the monarchs were pursuing was the right one, not that Talavera had been clever about manipulating the texts. It was as if they did not realize the texts could be manipulated.

    And yet they all manipulated and interpreted and transformed the ancient writings [...] But none of them seemed to know that this was what they were doing. They thought they were discovering truth.

    -- Orson Scott Card, "Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus"

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    It is for this very reason we have a constitution that separates church and state, for whoever controls the state, would then control the religion, and you can be sure it will be a bastardized version of Christianity.

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    No I don't besides Bible Prophecy teaches of an coming theocracy. Coming here and all of western Europe. This will be a time of thick black darkness such as never was before nor ever will be again. See Revelation ch 13 and ch 17. JBY

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    It can't happen in today's world.

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    Guffaw!! Fundie Protestant Christers and their deep seated yearning to bring back those amusing public bonfires when they could roast their neighbors and their marshmallows simultaneously.

    Eye roll

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    Your teenie-weenie little plan would have to be based on your dopey

    savior’s undeniable failure to return, and Satan’s fully intangible existence.

    Jesus Christ has left the future empty for more than 60 of his own lifetimes.

    Own it.

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    A fascinating book came out recently you might find interesting “Catholic Republic: Why America will perish without Rome”

    “Author Timothy Gordon argues American Founding Fathers relied heavily on Catholic thought and philosophy from Saint Thomas and Aquinas to Jesuit thinkers to develop our nation. Gordon argues in the last few generations our nation has now been abandoning the Catholic principles used to create the USA. Unless America returns to its Catholic roots it will be destroyed “

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    You mean like a Pakistan but with christian sharia instead??

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      I guess not many Christians are scared of what I said. I basically said the most extreme version and even fireball opposed it 🤣

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      We will push for a theocratic state

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