What is the best option? 2X SDD + HDD or SSD + HDD?

Ive bought an ssd for my computer to make games go faster.

currently Ive got on it an ssd(bootup&windows)128gb and an hdd 512gb.

Now should I replace the HDD with the ssd or just add the ssd to the computer?which option would make games on the new ssd go the fastest?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    the idea of an ssd/hdd combination is that the SSD just has the OS on it. the HDD has the data on it. Unfortunately you cant make windows put it all on the non OS drive so your c: drive still fills up eventually which is why you should IMAGE it and every now and then FORCE it back to the contents of THAT image(ie clean no games installed) disk imaging is quick and helps reverting to a clean working system. if you want to play a game, add a 2nd SSD and when you INSTALL any game ALWAYS tell it to install it to the SSD(the 2nd one). see Acronis/EASUS/Paragon for disk imaging

  • 3 weeks ago

    An SDD drive is always going to be faster than an HDD drive. However one of the limitations with SDD drive is that they do not last as long as HDD drive. HDD drives can be saved over multiple times - in theory forever. SDD had a limit on how many times files can be rewritten on them.

    SDD are great for OS and other things that rarely change. They are not as good for games because the information in them has to be overwritten each time you save a session, etc. Data files also are best saved to an HDD drive.

    The limit on a SDD is high (several thousand times) but it is not as unlimited as an HDD.

    If it is possible, install the game itself on the SDD, but put the save files on the HDD. The only time you would notice a slowness is in the speed would be when saving a session or loading a session.

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    3 weeks ago

    You just need to be able to install all your game files on the new SSD.  You need to clone your old HDD to the new SSD to make sure all your game files come over.  Then you can delete the files on the old hard drive and install it to use for things like picture and video storage (Assuming you even need that).

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