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Can fraternal twins be diffrent skin color. I’m brown mom is white. One baby is brown the other white. Is it possible for them to look diff?

Is it possible for another man to be the father of one child.

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    It's possible for twins to have different fathers and it's possible for twins to be different races. Pretty sure I've seen a white, red haired girl with a dark skinned black girl twin.

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    It is absolutely possible.

    This family had this happen twice:

    It's possible for fraternal twins to have two different fathers, but it's not common as the mother would have had to have sex with the second father very very close to sex with the first father. Superfecundation is the term:

    If you really doubt that the children are yours, DNA is the answer.

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    Two different eggs, two different sperm.   It doesn't matter whether they are in the cooker together or whether they were born three years apart.    Yes, siblings that did not come from the same egg/sperm can and often do look different from one another.

    Yes it's technically possible for the children to have different fathers but it would be pretty unusual. 

  • Yes. I know some twins with a Nigerian father and a white Swiss mother. They look identical apart from their skin colour. I've known them since just after they were born, but it freaks out people when they first see them.

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