Should I Buy Iodized or Non-Iodized Salt?

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    Assess your diet, and if there's not a good balance of seafood, dairy, and grains, on a weekly basis, then use iodized salt.


    Although iodine is important for your thyroid to produce hormones, and if it's included with table salt, that's a carefree way to make sure you get enough. However, iodine imparts a metallic taste, and affects the way food it's used on taste too. 

    So, use iodized salt if needed, but use any number of non-iodized salt(s) on the market, for a pleasant surprise on how much better food tastes, both when cooking and at the table. (113D1)

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Generally Iodized...

  • Nancy
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    4 weeks ago

    Depends.  How fond are you of goiters?  If you think a goiter is a look you want to go for, then by all means, buy non-iodized salt to season your food with.  There's a reason goiters are virtually nonexistent in the US: iodized salt.  Go to countries where there isn't iodized salt, you see people walking around with goiters all over the place.  But maybe you eat a lot of seafood, which contains iodine, and so don't need iodized salt.  If you live far from the coast or in a culture where seafood isn't a mainstay, though, then you do need to somehow regularly supplement your diet with iodine to prevent getting a goiter, and doing that with iodized salt has proven to be highly effective.

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