how do you make copies of your cds?

does it all have to be done on a desktop pc with two disc drives in?

i was advised recently on yahoo that if i don't want wear out my precious cds by playing them continuously in a cd system, then to copy them onto a blank disc and use the copies to play instead of the original cds?

compared to others i do not have a massive cd collection, i only have about 25 cds and they are mainly of old artists and groups from way back - ie - iron maiden greatest hits, david bowie singles collection, heart etc...and i don't want to damage those original cds as i bought them sometime in the early 2000's and they can't be got it would make sense to me to make copies of these cds......but i don't know how you do it.......i'm only a tech beginner, including computers.

so does anyone have any instructions on how i'd go about making copies of these cds? step by step?

also, i have a custom built windows 7 desktop computer, but only one disc drive is working, the blu-ray drive...but the dvd drive will not open, so it needs fixing.

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    it is my understanding that a CD is read by LIGHT and not by 'friction" such as one might have with a vinyl record. Therefore, unless the CD is 'rubbing' something inside the reader, there is no wear and as long as you treat y our CD's properly (keep them out of hot sunlight, keep the bottoms from being scratched, etc) then they should last nearly forever....

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