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Was Valerie Solonas a true feminist visionary?

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    "Was Valerie Solonas a true feminist visionary?"

    I don't know about being a visionary. But she is definitely a feminist hero. She has been canonized as a feminist saint (if you will) ever since her death.

    Ti-Grace Atkinson (the then president of NOW) and other prominent feminists today consider Valerie Solanas a hero "the first outstanding champion of women's rights." and "one of the most important spokeswomen of the feminist movement."

    Of course the rest of the non-feminist world knows her to be a psychopathic man-hater and attempted murderess who professed violence and death upon men. This is just one more huge disconnect between today's feminist ideology and the rest of us.



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      Atkinson was at odds with NOW's leadership over her attempts to defend Solanas. NOW’s founder, Betty Friedan, strenuously condemned Solanas and demanded her attorney "desist immediately from linking NOW in any way with Valerie Solanas".

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    I doubt that Valerie Solanas deserves to be called a "true feminist". She was not part of the feminist movement and never called herself a feminist. But her infamous _SCUM Manifesto_ tract could be called "visionary" in a sense, in that it's a strong vision of the future.

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    Her manifesto is hilarious. Given her background (severe child sexual abuse) and mental state (paranoid schizophrenia) I really can't blame her for a word of it. She was f#cked over by life so she f#cked it back.

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    No it was Jesus hahahahaha


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    She wrote a manifesto about exterminating men which one of the most read feminist works of all time.

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