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Does people commit suicide when their life sucks?

My life sucks. All my family and friends have abandoned me so I have nobody. I live alone. I also work at a job that I hate because it's hard to get a better job. I also can't approach women or get a wife because I'm socially awkward.

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    Some people do the Big Brother/Big Sister program thing to spend time with kids who have also been abandoned, or get pets and/or work with animals if that is more to your liking, or visiting lonely, left behind elderly people, etc. If you end up having kids, they also keep one from loneliness, at least when they’re younger and/or when a ‘family’ court judge allows you to see them after a particularly acrimonious divorce. I’ve also felt abandoned by my own family, (almost from birth), by so-called friends, many therapists, ex-spouses and girlfriends, etc. It’s tough. I adopted a stray dog when I was younger and that was a source of companionship and comfort for me. Until she died. Which was hard to survive, since they become like our children. And then I actually became a father. But I know what you’re talking about. Some of us just do not get that unconditional love when we’re growing up. Can be extremely painful. Those who grew up in loving, tightly-knit families have no idea.

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    Sometimes they do.

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    People commit suicide because they don't know anybody to go to when they have problems. I know a trusted friend who is everywhere when you needed somebody to talk to. His name is Jesus Christ, the Living God. There is a hole in our hearts that only Jesus can fill. When we have Him in our hearts we have life. He is always waiting for us to come to Him whenever we have problems. Cast your burdens and cares upon Him and He shall give you rest.

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      Liar! People commit suicide because their lives suck and they don't want to live in this evil, hateful, bigoted world with evil, hateful, bigoted, stupid people like YOU!

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    People commit or attempt suicide when they feel they've run out of options. Run out of chances for a better life. They do it because they believe the hurt they experience is just too much to continue on with or live through.

    You need to believe your life is in your control. Even when it doesn't feel that way. Take a course to enhance your ability for a better job. Heck take your smart serve and become a server on your days off. Tips are great and it forces you into a new comfort zone. Can sometimes help you leave your shell. Or even sign up for some local exercise classes or art classes. Anything where you commit to a schedule of you have to be there. It gives you new experiences and a sense of purpose when your committed to an actual time and place.

    But always keep your head up and know you do have the ability to fix your own situation

    Source(s): Personal experience
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  • 4 weeks ago

    Once you love your bussines you Will get peace.

  • 4 weeks ago

    When life sucks as you said you stop being lazy and find something interesting to do with your life...

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      You’re suggesting that “laziness” is somehow at the root of all human despondency? Fascinating.

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    As someone who has been there in the past, it's hard to see the way out for yourself. You will talk/think your way out of any possible glimmer of hope. Based off of this limited information, you probably need therapy. But I highly recommend support groups. it's a good first step and it allows you to bounce the I can't and there's no way out thoughts against other people's but I've been there and this is what helped me have you tried this thoughts.

  • Alfred
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    people are at risk to think of suicide when their life sucks....yes....

    and even though that's the way it is....

    with your kind permission, I humbly guess you're young enough to be my son/ daughter to begin with.

    and I must admit your words here touched, shook and thrilled my heart and soul.

    which is why I ask you, I urge you, I call upon your wounded soul and I bless you in: please, stay strong, rock- solid.... NEVER GIVE UP... NEVER break down... NEVER lose your self - esteem nor self - confidence....EVER!

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I'm a survivor of three suicide attempts as a teenager. People attempt suicide because they often feel hopeless and feel it is the only solution. Depression lies to you and will often tell you that friends & family are better off without worrying about you so ending your life will be good for them, don't believe that.

    As for your situation you need to get into therapy. It will help you.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Put it behind you and work on your life. Look for a job with more future or take a course to learn something new. Do volunteer work - lots coming up at Christmas. Meet all sorts of people in situations where you have plenty to do.

    All the best.

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