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I want to study abroad (USA to UK). Where do I start?

I want to travel more than anything. It’s a newfound passion of my to see the world, how big it is, and all it’s beauties (as I recently took a flight to Florida which was the first time I traveled via plane in a decade). However, I am planning on going to University. 

I was heavily thinking about attending a college in the UK specifically as it always seemed appealing to me. I have a knack for theatre so experiencing Broadway on the West End sounds amazing as well. 

I have no idea where to start with this idea. It’ll be such a big risk to basically drop everything and leave America, which is where my whole family is. I’d be alone in a whole new world at the young age of 18 but I’d be so happy that I got to study in this practically foreign country to me.

Any tips or suggestions on what I should do? 😖

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    Do your homework! Research universities in UK, their application & admission requirements for foreign students. Expect to need GBP30,000-40,000/yr & no financial aid. So you will have discuss costs with your parents as you must prove you & your parents have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses + return transportation to your country of citizenship.

    You cannot remain in UK! Foreign students are required to return to their country immediately upon completion or termination of full-time studies. Lots of foreign students return home over summer school holidays/vacation to earn money to help with some expenses.

    Competition for admission to university as a foreign student tends to be far more competitive than for domestic students as there are fewer places and loads of applicants from around the world. Expect to have better GPA, test scores & other qualifications than the average for accepted students to have some decent chance of acceptance.

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    Google U.K. Universities. Find what you need to take a degree then look at the very expensive international fees. Hope your parents are rich, there are no scholarships here. You also have to pay for accommodation, food, travel and everything else.

    It's not going to happen is it?

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      Because we have to pay for further education. Our system does not give free tuition to foreigners.

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    Find a university in the UK which offers the course of study you want. Do that by googling 'study history uk', for example. When you find the names of the universities you might want to attend, go to their websites and find out how to apply as an international student.

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    If you're looking for a real adventure and new perspectives don't go to an English-speaking country. Just find universities with English curriculums. And compare the cost of studying - it varies wildly across e.g. Europe from free to very expensive like in the UK

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