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Should our orchestra find a new sponsorship?

Our community orchestra was previously part of a sponsorship for 75 years. Over the years, that sponsorship deteriorated and we had to leave to be part of our town and their activities.

However, it has been difficult communicating properly with them. We often get no response and are left in the dark on the simplest things, such as start and end time for events. We go to performances and it is chaos because of their non-communication.

The orchestra is small (15 members) and we were hoping (per their initial word) that they would reach out to the Town residents/students for help. That has not happened, nor have any of their other promises.

We have been there for 2 years now. Should we leave and find a different sponsorship.


Or, should we stick it out and hope it gets better?

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    You might want to schedule a face-to-face with whomever you are supposed to be dealing with now, to discuss their interest (or lack of) in providing you with the needed info in the future.

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