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What fruit or veg can be planted this time of year in UK and grow over winter?

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  • C
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    3 weeks ago

    This year won't be good as it's predicted to be a hard winter but for a more normal winter if you'd started about 6 - 8 weeks ago so the plants could establish themselves you could've sown winter radishes (they're large, black skinned, and usually grated or lightly cooked before adding to winter salads), parsnips and swedes can usually be left in the ground until wanted unless the freeze goes deep. I've managed more years than not to have rocket and bunching onions through the winter. Chard will make it if you have a sheltered spot. Miner's lettuce is a real tough one too. However, it's too late this year. Check the weather forecast for the week after next. I'm expecting a dusting of snow.

  • Tavy
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    3 weeks ago

    Nothing grows in winter when the ground is hard.


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