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Is there ever a chance I will find a lost snake in my car?

My friend lost his snake in my car, while we were at the gas station my friend went inside and left the snake on the floor of the car. I pumped gas and as I went back inside my car I see the snake (a small python) go under the dashboard and fuse box. It was curled up behind the fuse box, so we couldn't reach it. Drove home and we couldn't see it anymore. It might've went deeper in the car since the engine was warm and outside a bit chilly. So will it stay there? If so I saw they can go months with out eating. Will it eventually die and just stay in the car, and smell?

My car is an 04 Acura RSX which I love but also need it. But now I'm thinking if I should sell it? Because I don't want a snake stuck in there dead or alive. 

P.s left a container with water in it so it would come drink but has not came out the whole night.

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    3 weeks ago

    There is a chance. A friend was once called to extract a snake from a truck that had picked it up several states away. I had a king snake that got out of its cage in the fall. I found it in my woodpile outside the following spring.

  • 3 weeks ago

    As long as the snake stays in the car it isn't really lost. If it gets out, a chance it will never be seen again.

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I lost a snake once inside my car, one that I caught in the wild. I was thinking that because the car can get real hot in the summer, therefore it will probably not be able to stay alive. Several days later, I found it and it was alive. Not sure where it had hidden itself to avoid being baked. My guess is that it probably crawled into the seat cushion and hid there for a few days.

    Between the interior of the car and the engine compartment there is a solid steel wall, so a snake cannot cross over to the engine compartment. There are small holes in the wall with rubber grommets to allow electrical wires to go between the engine compartment and the interior of the car to power such things as lights, power windows and the car stereo. A python would not be able to get through those small holes.

  • Jack H
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    3 weeks ago

    You have a really stupid friend...

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